Legislating for Article 40.3.3: Schweppe and Spain on Article 40.3.3 and the capacity to survive outside the womb

Authors: Jennifer Schweppe and Dr Eimear Spain, Lecturers in Law, University of Limerick In recent months the issue of the availability of terminations for women carrying foetuses which are “incompatible with life” or suffering from “lethal foetal abnormalities” has dominated the media.  However, the issue has received little academic attention. From a legal perspective the […]

Legislating for Article 40.3.3: Thornton on The Right to Travel, Reproductive Rights and Asylum Seekers

Author: Dr Liam Thornton, School of Law, University College Dublin I. The Right to Travel The thirteenth amendment to the constitution recognised that the right to life of the unborn, did not affect the right of individuals to travel, hence women and girls in Ireland may travel to access abortion services in other states. When […]