The CAJ Equality Duty Enforcement Project and Equality Coalition Research ‘Equal to the Task?’ Guest Post by Caroline Maguire, CAJ

With the help of a grant from the Baring Foundation the CAJ has established an Equality Duty Enforcement Project. The project aims to support the work of the members of the Equality Coalition to (i) take forward complaints and other interventions to ensure Northern Ireland’s “Section 75” public sector equality duty is complied with; and […]

Rights at Risk: mapping the human rights concerns of Brexit in Northern Ireland Guest Post by Dr Claire McCann

The human rights and equality safeguards in Northern Ireland which support our peace agreement are built on a complex web of interlocking legal frameworks.  Local, national, European and international law all have an important role to play in providing the groundwork upon which the constitutional settlement for Northern Ireland is founded.  Brexit risks destabilising the […]

CEDAW and the Security Council: Enhancing Women’s Rights in Conflict Guest Post by Dr Catherine O’Rourke and Dr Aisling Swaine

Recent years have seen a rapid increase of legal and policy developments under international law to advance the rights of women in conflict-affected settings. These developments are accompanied, however, by acute concerns about their efficacy and enforcement. One significant development towards improving overall implementation, enforcement and state compliance with women’s rights in conflict is the […]

Brexit, the Withdrawal Agreement, and a Bill of Rights for Northern Ireland Guest post by Dr Amanda Kramer, BrexitLawNI

Concerns surrounding the impact of Brexit on human rights and Northern Ireland have featured prominently in ongoing Brexit debates, media coverage of Brexit, and the Brexit negotiations themselves. It is well known that NI is the region of the UK most likely to be negatively affected by leaving the EU – with potential consequences for […]

RightsNI gets a makeover

There is a renewed commitment to the RightsNI Blog, CAJ and Amnesty set the blog up to be a source of information sharing and awareness on all the diverse topics within human rights, equality and non discrimination. The areas covered in the blog range from LGBT rights, gender equality and disability rights to name a […]

The High Court quashes the decision of the PSNI not to investigate in the case of the Hooded Men

We are delighted to welcome this guest post from Fidelma O’Hagan, Committee on the Administration of Justice. Fidelma can be reached at  On 27 October 2017, Mr Justice Maguire handed down judgment in favour of the applicants, Mary McKenna and Francis McGuigan, and quashed the 2014 PSNI decision to not progress an investigation to […]

Launching the Autumn/Winter Issue of the Transitional Justice Institute Research Paper Series on SSRN

We are delighted to share this guest post by Dr Catherine O’Rourke and Elise Ketelaars. They can be reached at This post was originally posted on intlawgrlls. We are pleased to announce the publication of a new issue of the Ulster University Transitional Justice Institute Research Paper Series on the Social Sciences Research Network. This […]

Equality of Citizenship after Brexit

We are delighted to welcome this guest post by Brian Gormally. Brian Gormally is Director of CAJ and part of the BrexitLawNI project looking at the human rights and constitutional implications of Brexit.   The Agreement creates equality of citizenship The Belfast/Good Friday Agreement (BGFA), in addition to being approved by referenda, North and South, was […]