Legislating for Article 40.3.3: Thornton on The Right to Travel, Reproductive Rights and Asylum Seekers

Author: Dr Liam Thornton, School of Law, University College Dublin I. The Right to Travel The thirteenth amendment to the constitution recognised that the right to life of the unborn, did not affect the right of individuals to travel, hence women and girls in Ireland may travel to access abortion services in other states. When […]

Refugee Week 2012 Belfast

I am very glad to welcome this first blog post by NICRAS Advice and Support Worker, Moira McCombe, about Refugee Week 2012 in Belfast (18 – 24 June): World Refugee Day is an annual event which “is a moment to remember all those affected, and a time to intensify our support,” (UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon). […]

Securing Europe’s borders versus saving lives

Amnesty International charges in a new report (PDF) and campaign that European governments care more about reinforcing their borders than saving lives, and that they often endanger migrants by outsourcing security along their boundaries.  Amnesty’s When you don’t exist campaign focuses on the plight of these ‘people on the move’. According to Amnesty: Last year, at […]