RightsNI gets a makeover

There is a renewed commitment to the RightsNI Blog, CAJ and Amnesty set the blog up to be a source of information sharing and awareness on all the diverse topics within human rights, equality and non discrimination. The areas covered in the blog range from LGBT rights, gender equality and disability rights to name a few but also cover the mechanisms and commitments that were set out in the Good Friday Agreement and other subsequent agreements such as a Bill of Rights,  the proper use and enforcement of section 75 of the NI Act dealing with equality for all and Irish Language provision.

This week we will re-launch the RightsNI Blog, it has been given a makeover with a new logo and a website that will make it more accessible on mobile platforms. We hope that there will be increased use of the blog for those wanting to explore and discuss topics of human rights that can be shared with a wide audience. All the older blog posts are still available and some are still extremely relevant.

We welcome guest blogs and we will continue to source blogs that are topical and current. If you want to get involved or write a blog post please get in touch with Emma Patterson at rightsni@gmail.com please see the about page of the website for the rules around blogs and commenting.