Protect Northern Ireland’s peace process and human rights from Brexit

We are pleased to share this from the Human Rights Consortium. The Human Rights Consortium is a Northern Ireland based human rights charity coalition of over 160 member organisations who campaign for a human rights based society. The Consortium campaigns on a range of human rights  issues in Northern Ireland including a Bill of Rights and the Human Rights Act. Kevin Hanratty, the Director of the Consortium and Paddy Kelly, a Board member of the Consortium, are organising this fundraiser for the Consortium. 

The Consortium is involved in a Northern Ireland based Legal Challenge to stop the threat of BREXIT to human rights and the peace process.

We believe only the Westminster Parliament can trigger Article 50, that the consent of the NI Assembly should be required for any legislation to remove the UK from the EU and that a range of other human rights, equality and peace process safeguards should be upheld in the BREXIT process.

If the Consortium is not able to bring its case alongside the English based applicants in an appeal process, the very strong Northern Ireland based legal arguments present in our BREXIT case will not be included.

The cost of mounting an appeal is likely to run close to £100k or above. Hitting our initial target will ensure that we have a foundation to raise other funds for the appeal process and help us make key decisions about how to take an appeal forward.

We believe that the current proposals around BREXIT constitute a threat to existing EU human rights protections and many of the peace process protections of the Belfast/Good Friday Agreement that link to the European Union. The Consortium is one of the applicants involved in a Judicial Review process in Belfast, which seeks to change the way BREXIT is approached, so that Northern Ireland, its peace process and fundamental human rights can be protected.

We now need to raise enough funds to appeal to the Court of Appeal/Supreme Court to ensure that Northern Ireland specific arguments are central to how the BREXIT process happens.

Full details of the case and the crowd funding details are here