MOOC (massive open online course) on ‘The EU and Human Rights’.

We are pleased to share this from the European Interuniversity Centre for Human Rights and Democratization

This EU and Human Rights course teaches you the basics of human rights, placing the EU at the centre of investigation. All of the course activities aim to improve your understanding of how the EU, alone or in combination with other local or global, state or non-state actors, can better promote and uphold human rights worldwide. No extensive previous knowledge is required, making it the perfect course to start deepening your knowledge.

The course is instructed by 14 professionals in the field, who will focus on their field of expertise and give you the best insight into the workings of the EU for the betterment of human rights protection all around the world. This course does not only give you the opportunity to learn from the best, but also get an insight into the current research being done throughout the whole of the world.

 Interested? Here are the practicalities:

 Registration deadline: 28 Nov 2015

Training date: 17 Oct 2015 to 28 Nov 2015

Language: English

Training format: Online

Training type: Course

Duration of the course: 6 weeks, with a time commitment of 4 hours per week. You are free to choose where and when you spend time on the course.


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