CONFERENCE: Challenging the Oppression of Lawyers in Times of Conflict


On Wednesday 13 November 2013 the Human Rights Centre, School of Law at Queen’s University Belfast are hosting a one day conference entitled ‘Challenging the Oppression of Lawyers in Times of Conflict’. It is open to anyone interested in conflict studies, politics, international relations, human rights, international law, justice and transitional justice.



The conference will host speakers from jurisdictions in different stages of conflict/post-conflict across the globe who will challenge the oppression of lawyers during times of conflict:

Keynote Speaker: Richard Harvey (ICTY)

Basque Country: Iratxe Urizar (Basque Lawyer with Behatokia)

China: Dr Ting Xu (QUB) and Dr Wei Gong (LSE)

Colombia: Professor Sara Chandler (Colombian Caravana UK Lawyers)

India: Jaspal Singh Manjpur (Adocate, Punjab) and Simarjit Kaur (TARAN, Punjab)

Northern Ireland: Professor Kieran McEvoy (QUB)

Palestine: Andrea Becker (Lawyers for Palestinian Human Rights UK)

Russia: Professor Philip Leach (Middlesex University London)

South Africa: Judge Essa Moosa (Judge)

Turkey: Deniz Arbet Nejbir (Kurdish Lawyer)



Over the course of the day the speakers will tackle five questions:

1)      How are lawyers oppressed? What is the driving force behind the oppression?

2)      What support are oppressed lawyers provided with, if any? Do Law Societies and other official bodies provide assistance?

3)      What role can domestic/regional domestic judicial bodies play in protecting lawyers in these countries? Have they taken action? Has this action been successful?

4)      How could lawyers be better protected? Are there things that could be improved within the current system? Or does the current system require a radical change?

5)      Are the changes suggested specific to a particular jurisdiction? Or are there common issues that lawyers in conflict are facing globally, which could be addressed with similar improvements?

Ample opportunity will also be given for questions to be posed by the audience.



There is no conference fee, but due to limited space registration is required. If you would like to REGISTER a place, please email your NAME and AFFILIATION to:

(Please note that registering is regarded as a commitment to attend)

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