Securing Europe’s borders versus saving lives

Amnesty International charges in a new report (PDF) and campaign that European governments care more about reinforcing their borders than saving lives, and that they often endanger migrants by outsourcing security along their boundaries.  Amnesty’s When you don’t exist campaign focuses on the plight of these ‘people on the move’.

According to Amnesty:

Last year, at least 1,500 men, women and children drowned in the Mediterranean struggling to reach Europe. Some of these deaths were avoidable. Delayed rescue costs lives. In recent years, some survivors have been forced back to countries where they faced abuse and ill-treatment. On several occasions Italy pushed back people to Libya where they were detained and mistreated. In an environment where there is little transparency or oversight, human rights abuses often go unpunished along Europe’s coasts and borders. 

For a local twist on a related issue, check out Anna Morvern’s previous post about the privatisation of immigration detention / deportation here.

And have a look at the campaign video to go with the report, at the end of this short post.  The video seems like a run-of-the-mill NGO campaign video, but has a neat twist.

What do you think – either of the substantive issue or the campaign film as a way of raising awareness? Thoughts welcome.