A couple of weeks ago the Northern Ireland Office (NIO) published its proposals to implement the provisions of the Stormont House Agreement (SHA) in relation to the legacy of the Troubles. The proposals are intended to pave the way for the introduction shortly in Westminster of new legislation: the Northern Ireland (Stormont House Agreement) Bill […]


On 23 September 2015, the Northern Ireland Office (NIO) published a policy paper outlining the measures to be included in the Northern Ireland (Stormont House Agreement) Bill that will be presented to Parliament on 12 October 2015. This Bill will legislate for a number of commitments made by the UK government in the Stormont House […]


The Stormont House Oral History Archive, PRONI, and the Meaning of Independence- Guest Post by Dr Anna Bryson

October 2, 2015

We are delighted to welcome this guest post by Dr Anna Bryson. Anna is a Research Fellow at the School of Law, Queen’s University Belfast. A historian by training, she is currently working on an international research project on Lawyers, Conflict and Transition. Her most recent publication (with Sean McConville) is The Routledge Guide to […]

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The Historical Investigations Unit (HIU): assessing the NIO policy proposals

October 1, 2015

At the beginning of this year as the dust was just settling on the Stormont House Agreement (SHA), this blog argued that the devil would be in the detail of the ultimate legislation as to whether the HIU would have the necessary powers and independence to carry out its role. It is now some of […]

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What hope Syria? Monica McWilliams reports from the Turkish border

September 10, 2015

We are delighted to welcome this guest post from Prof Monica McWilliams, Transititonal Justice Institute, Ulster University. This post was originally posted on the Political Settlements blog at http://www.politicalsettlements.org/2015/09/06/what-hope-syria-monica-mcwilliams-reports/ In a week in which a small drowned Syrian child – Aylan Kurdi – has awoken the conscience of Europe, PSRP team member Professor Monica McWilliams […]

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Opportunity – training for international electoral observers

September 7, 2015

EIUC – Training for International Electoral Observers The Inter-University Centre for Human Rights and Democratisation (EIUC) is running a training seminar for International Electoral Observers from 23-28 November 2015. The course, structured in two modules, provides an introduction for civilian staff to the profession of election observers, with a complete theoretical and practical basic knowledge delivered to those considering election […]

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September Events on Dealing with the Past

August 27, 2015

There are two events on Dealing with the Past on September 15 and 16 that are of interest: Invitation to the Launch of  Gender Principles for Dealing with the Legacy of the Past Tuesday 15 September 2015 10.30am – 1pm Room 115 Parliament Buildings, Stormont The absence of a gendered lens and the sustained exclusion […]

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Having your cake and eating it? Torture and the laws of war in Northern Ireland- Guest Post by Christina Verdirame

August 10, 2015

Materials discovered in recent years in the UK national archives in London have revealed evidence relevant in the ECHR 1978 Ireland V UK ‘Hooded Men’ case. The significance of this for the Ireland v UK case and the wider implications of the material have been covered in previous posts by Christopher Stanley here and here.The […]

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Why I asked to be arrested for breaking Northern Ireland’s abortion laws

July 7, 2015

Just over two years ago, I wrote here about the one hundred people who had signed an open letter in an act of civil disobedience in protest at the situation for women needing an abortion in Northern Ireland. Although I am pro-choice, I didn’t sign that letter as my second son was not quite a year old and […]

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